Teledyne BlueView’s Energy group is dedicated to revolutionizing the offshore industry by providing underwater vision products that can improve job site efficiency today, as well as make possible the offshore projects of the future.

With its proven miniature multibeam technology, BlueView’s customers are setting new standards in safety, efficiency, and data quality. BlueView understands that while many offshore jobs are similar in nature, every job can produce its own unique challenges. To help solve this issue, BlueView offers a line of field-swappable acoustic imaging solutions ranging in frequency from 450 kHz systems for large area searching to 2.25 MHz systems for camera replacement applications. The compact size of these systems allows a wide variation of mounting configurations to help maximize operational effectiveness for the situations at hand. The combination of these attributes has made BlueView a leading supplier of underwater acoustic vision systems in nearly all marine industries.

Few companies have attacked the underwater vision problem like BlueView. BlueView believes that our customers shouldn’t need to be sonar experts to use our equipment and we’ve invested heavily to ensure that they don’t. Download our easy-to-use software from the software section of this web site and see for yourself the intuitive feel of BlueView sonar first hand, or click the product link below to view specific information on BlueView’s miniature imaging sonar products.

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