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Understanding the surrounding assets, seabed conditions, and potential obstacles reduces both risk and cost for subsea spool piece and jumper metrology. BlueView's BV5000 delivers a full, interactive 3D as-built/as-found from which accurate geometries and range measurements can be taken. The interactive 3D as-built/as-found contain millions of measureable points, creating a visual model of the target structures and surrounding area. The fully interactive 3D model enables immediate visual assessment of the data for quality assurance.

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Faster Results…

  • Full 360º scans in 6 minutes
  • No shutdowns required
  • Instant 3D visual check
  • Compact, portable
  • Quick set-up/integration
  • Standard .xyz output files

Fewer Steps…

  • Capture 3D visual and measurements simultaneously
  • Non-intrusive, minimized Health & Safety issues
  • No positioning inputs needed
  • Quick, visual checks and balances
  • Fast, accurate measurements from multiple angles

Reduces Risk…

  • Centimeter level accuracy
  • Intuitive 3D visual with millions of measurable data points
  • Reduces reworks/modifications with pre-installation modeling
  • Accurate, post installation survey aids future intervention projects

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For more information, or to schedule a presentation or live demo contact BlueView:

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