Technical Support


Use the link above to access our comprehensive Troubleshooting guide, which will walk through steps to identify and resolve common issues with Teledyne BlueView products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use the link above to see some of the most frequently asked questions by BlueView users. 

Document Library

Collection of white papers and documentation relating to Teledyne BlueView products.

Latest Software Downloads 

Having the latest software installed is a critical part in troubleshooting a majority of issues with Teledyne BlueView equipment.  See the Downloads section of the software page links below to download, and install, our latest software:

• ProViewer – 2d Sonar imaging software
• ProScan – 3d Sonar scanning and point cloud generation software
• BlueViewer– Point cloud (.xyz) viewer
• QuickStitch – Point cloud (.xyz) editor and registration (“stitching”) software
• ProMapper  – AppEx  mosaicking software used to overlay 2d sonar data onto existing maps and charts
• PV360  - AppEx software used to overlay 360° scanned 2d sonar data onto existing maps and charts

Contact Teledyne BlueView Support

If any of the resources above did not resolve your technical issue, or you believe your system requires repair, please see below to contact our technical support team.

Support Email  
Direct Support Hotline: 
  • Europe: +45 20 999 088
  • US: +1 805 233 3900

For Repair (RMA) Requests: Email and include the following information:

 Serial number of sonar
 Brief description of issue
Supporting images or data, if relevant